Welcome to the online home of “Research in Entrepreneurial Finance”, a Ph.D. course taught by Michael Ewens at Columbia Business School.

Course objectives

The course aims to provide an overview of modern research in entrepreneurial finance and, more importantly, provide the foundation for success in producing research: mastering institutional details. These include definitions, industry norms, regulations (history of changes), laws, databases, disclosure rules, and more.

There is a hidden “literature” of these institutional details in all major empirical work. This course presents a literature review of sorts for these details while teaching entrepreneurial finance along the way.

How does the course work?

Each of the course’s six modules are each split into two parts:

Overview of the research topic

Review the literature on the module’s topic, main research questions, and basic conclusions.

Institutional details through papers

We use 2-3 selected papers to explore the institutional details central to the paper’s main results.